Our Vision

Our vision is to be the acknowledged leaders in the promotion and delivery of information systems architecture within New Zealand and internationally, and to deliver consultancy and design services that help organisations align their information systems with their business strategies using proven frameworks.

Management Team

Michael Tapp

Director/Principal Architect 

Vijesh Nangia

Director/Principal Architect

John Owen

Director/Principal Architect

Permanent Staff


Amanda Parkes- Senior Consulting Architect

David Molesworth- Principal Architect

Deborah Opie- Senior Consulting Architect

Mark Edwards- Senior Consulting Architect

Stephen Turley- Consulting Architect 

Gareth Karl- Consulting Architect 

Sean Godfrey- Consulting Architect

Guy Storrs- Marketing Lead



Scott Roxburgh- Solutions Architect

Anthony Benson- Information Architect

Barnaby Wallace - Solutions Architect

Phil Tomlinson- Solutions Architect

Mike Fernandes- Associate Consultant

Chris Harding- Associate Consultant

Jacques Hefer- olutions Architect


Roger Bengtsson- Solutions Architect

Mark Bjerga- Solutions Architect

Johan Strydom- Solutions Architect

David Lyons- Solutions Architect

Chris Steptoe- Solutions Architect

Robert Kang- Solutions Architect

Jenny Clar- Solutions Architect