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 Cyma's top content, all in one place. This page is designed to help you find our top content on enterprise and solutions architecture, without having to search our whole website for it. We will be updating this space in order to keep you up to date with trending topics and news that you might not know about. 

ITAF (IT Architecture Forum) 2018

Michael Tapp one of Cyma's Directors was a speaker at this years 2018 IT Architecture Forum. We found it appropriate to share his slides with you all in case you didn't get a chance to make it to the conference.


IT Architecture Forum Slides

IT Architecture Forum Slides


Cloud Blogs

Below is some blogs we did on the cloud. We had a guest blogger help us out, He was Saurabh Kulshrestha from Revera. We also had our very own Mark Edwards give us his top 7 benefits on adopting the cloud and why it might be important for your business. Check out these blogs and more below.

Guest blogger asks “What Does Cloud Bring To A Business?”

Guest blogger asks “What Does Cloud Bring To A Business?”

Top 7 Benefits For Adopting The Cloud In Your Organisation

Top 7 Benefits For Adopting The Cloud In Your Organisation


Some important information at a glance. We have consolidated some of our blogs into infographics to better suite your busy life. Click on the picture for more details.


 DX conference video

John Owen and Malcom Fraser at DX conference 2018. Talking on the importance of Digital Transformation, you either need to be Disrupting yourself, or you are going to be Disrupted. 


DX conference

John Owen, one of Cyma's directors, spoke at the DX conference in Auckland's SkyCity Convention Centre. If you weren't there don't worry below is a link to the slides. Feel free check them out.

DX Summit Slides 2018

DX Summit Slides 2018


Training Videos

Here is an example video from one of our Principal Architects David Molesworth on how to develop technology layer views in ArchiMate. 


Case Study

If you would like to see some of the work we've done with clients we have worked with, below are some case studies we have created for you. Feel free to check them out and take the lessons learned and apply them to your own organisation. 


Cyma Events 2018

Here are some events coming up that you might want to keep in your calendar. These events are ones that we are attending and some we even host. If you would like to attend an event please contact us, or on some of the events you can click on the calendar and we will give you some extra information.