Architecture Made Easy

We understand that what we do can be difficult for folks not in the architectural ecosystem to understand. So, we thought we’d put together some resources and links that describe what it is we do. The videos below are a very good starting point feel free to check them out yourself. The Bogs to the left are from leading architects in the industry that we feel align with what Cyma* does as a business


Enterprise Architecture

In this video, you will get a general idea of why Enterprise Architecture is so important. It will also show you some of the problems that many New Zealand businesses are facing today.



Roadmaps for organisations allows organisations to be confident in their change initiatives, and helps them to clearly link business strategy to business goals.


Periodic Table of Visualization methods

A great tool with a vast range of charts to help you if you need some sort of visual enlightenment. 

Enterprise Intergreation.PNG

Enterprise Intergration Patterns 

This pattern catalog describes 65 integration patterns, collected from many integration projects since 2002. The patterns provide technology-independent design guidance for developers and architects to describe and develop robust integration solutions. The inspiration to document these patterns came when we struggled through multiple integration vendors' product documentation just to realize later that many of the underlying concepts were quite similar..