The All Blacks Have A Coach - So Should Your Team

Although coaching is rooted in sports, it is used in many other areas throughout the world. This blog provides insights on a Cyma company coaching partnership, both from a coach and coachee perspective. It outlines the approach and what can be gained through coaching, as well as sharing a personal coaching experience and why coaching is a worthwhile investment.

How Do You Apply Architecture Governance?

Architect Governance can be hard to get right.  For smaller organisations, do you need it at all?  We share our thoughts and experience on Architect Governance for larger organisations in terms of what we’ve seen work well and not so well.

GDPR: What it means for NZ

The purpose of GDPR is to create a unified data protection framework across the EU. It comprises a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data, it will significantly strengthen the rights of individuals who will have more power to demand companies to reveal or delete the the personal data that they hold.