How Do You Apply Architecture Governance?

Architect Governance can be hard to get right.  For smaller organisations, do you need it at all?  We share our thoughts and experience on Architect Governance for larger organisations in terms of what we’ve seen work well and not so well.

Recognising The Importance of Risk Management

There are important lessons for us all to learn from the Cambridge analytica and facebook fiasco, the most obvious of which centres around information privacy and security, but it also warrants thinking about your company’s overall approach to risk management.

Digital Transformation: Strategy And Culture Equals Greater Success

To really get ahead you need to make disruption part of your strategy, and make change part of your culture. Look for ways that you can disrupt yourself rather than be disrupted, and create a work environment that encourages change and challenges the norm.

The Secret Sauce To Software Audits

Neil Forster has kindly contributed to our blogs on Software Audits, he has many years experience in the field. Some people would consider him as an expert when it comes to this topic. Check out his "secret sauce" for Software Audits that you can use in your organisation. 

The Top 3 Questions Your Model Should Be Able To Answer

We architects like creating models, but do we ever ask ourselves what exact questions users have?  Who will be the users of the model, what’s important to them, what are their use cases? What does a good model do that allows them to get the answers they need more easily?