Tailored Solutions

Along with our core services, Cyma also provides businesses with some other intrinsic solutions. We pride ourselves in giving organisations extraordinary value with our architects, and we are committed to meeting the demands of any business. We have thus created some tailored solutions to meet your organisation's every need.   


Architecture Teams

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online certifications

TOGAF and ArchiMate are recognised industry certifications for aspiring architects. Cyma believes that one of the most effective ways of receiving training and gaining certification in this is via e-learning. Cyma is pleased to offer TOGAF and ArchiMate certified training via Good e-learning. Click here for more information.


tailored Architect Training

Cyma recognise that TOGAF & ArchiMate certifications are only a part of the equation for aspiring architects. We offer tailored architecture training to architecture teams that provides practical approaches for improving your architecture skills and practice. These are delivered by senior, practising architects.

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Architecture as a service

Cyma have a team of experienced architects that can provide ongoing architecture services to organisations large or small. For larger organisations we can augment your architecture team. For smaller organisations we can provide ongoing architecture expertise where it may not have access to it today..

Business Leaders


road mapping

Cyma are experts in creating meaningful, actionable roadmaps for organisations that allow organisations to be confident that their change initiatives are clearly linked to business strategy.

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Information strategy

Cyma is dedicated to helping business leaders to understand the information, processes and systems that are critical to the success of the organisation.


capability modeling

Capability based planning is considered to be a best practice method of strategic planning for organisations trying to decide where to invest in change and improvement. This approach relies on having a well considered capability model that can be used to support the required planning. Cyma has created numerous capability models across multiple industries and have well tested techniques for developing these for organisations who don't have such a model.

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Technology Leaders

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cloud architecture

Organisations who have traditionally invested in hosting and managing their own technology platforms are increasingly looking to the cloud to help them move faster and support their digital transformation. Cyma helps those organisations plan how to make that move to the cloud in a way that minimises risk and maximises value.


Integration architecture

Business applications and software platforms have become increasingly specialised, thereby providing better value for their specialist area. This creats a challenge for organisations who want to share information between those applications. Cyma helps organisations make the right decisions to help address this challenge.

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solutions architecture

Solution architecture is at the core of Cyma's DNA and represents one of our core competencies. We've helped organisations large and small define and describe solutions that are appropriate for the problem(s) they've been trying to solve.


software architecture

For a technology startup, getting the software architecture behind their service offering right is absolutely critical and requires balancing all sorts of quality factors to achieve the right outcome. Cyma has provided advice and direction for multiple startups who have been trying to find a pathway through the myriad of decisions needed for this.

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